IHC Engineering Business Ltd, Northumberland.
J-Lay Tower


IHC Engineering Business are well renowned for their design, build and supply of specialist equipment for offshore oil and gas, submarine telecoms and renewables industries; their requirement was to manufacture, install, flush & pressure test the hydraulic pipework of the J-Lay Tower (using F37 & E02 jointing systems).

After working closely with the client to establish the exact specification requirements HB Hydraulics were successful in securing the contract to conduct the work.
The client was issued with a full list of parts using a BOQ matrix specifically designed for this purpose.
Prior to conducting the workscope; HB Hydraulic Engineering were made aware of their client’s guidelines for hydraulic pipework and associated fittings (some of which are outlined below):
•    Pipe size equal to or less than 30mm OD to be tube type fitting (EO2).
•    Fittings Material is to be Stainless Steel 316L.
•    Pipe size greater than 30mm OD to be flared.
•    Flange Material is to be stainless steel 316L preferred.
•    Carbon steel materials – galvanised and with Denzo tape (subject to approval by client).

On completion of installation the system was fully tested.  HB Hydraulics flushed the system using specialist flushing and oil sample analysis equipment, the system was flushed to NAS 1638 class 6, paying particular attention to ensuring there was no contamination to the assembled manifolds.   All pipework was pressure tested in accordance to client requirements of 375 BAR using our monitoring & reporting system; equipment used is manufactured by Hydrotechnik – this equipment provides us with a graphical report that indicates the accuracy of the tests being carried out.  All testing carried out was witnessed by a client representative and recorded using HB Hydraulics test record documents.
On completion of testing work; Pressure Test and Oil Sample Flushing Certificates are provided to the client as part of a Standard Quality Assurance pack, thus ensuring that the production side of the workscope has been carried out to our clients full satisfaction, contents of which include copies of all work related documentation such as; material certification, calibration certification, test-certificates (including flow-graph & NAS read-out). This QA pack is supplied to our client in both electronic and file copy.