Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Blackrover

Work scope - To replace all existing closed circuit hydraulic pumps used on winch operations.

The MOD Warship agency responsible for Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships required a system solution and purchase of suitable equipment to overcome the following areas of concern to them:

    High maintenance of Bowden Cable & Mechanical Linkages controlling the pump output.
    High life cost to maintain the pumps.
    Relatively high number of internal components and overall reliability/inter-service life.
    Limited spares & service available to provide long term pump support.

Following an exhaustive study of the existing design and the harsh demands of a marine & potentially explosive environment; HB Hydraulics designed, procured, installed & commissioned a complete system for each of the 13 winch circuits.

The equipment comprised a proportional controlled closed circuit hydrostatic pump remotely controlled by electronic joystick and intrinsic safety barriers.

Following successful sea trials, operators of the new system have commented “a superior control throughout the winch speed range particularly at slow creep is easily achieved”.

In addition HB Hydraulics installed new fluid conditioning equipment to assist with future maintenance schedules to promote extended oil & component life.